‘In The Land of Leadale’ Anime Season 1 Review

In the Land of Leadale‘ is a fantasy anime based on the manga isekai series by Japanese author Ceez and artist Dashio Tsukimi. The show is written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu and directed by Takeyuki Yanase for the Tokyo-based animation studio Maho Film. The first season ran for twelve episodes with Crunchyroll handling the English dub.

Keina Kagami (Xanthe Huynh) is a gamer playing the virtual reality RPG “Leadale” from her hospital bed. It is all she can do following a tragic car accident that killed her parents and left her bed-ridden. One night, the power goes out at the hospital causing her life support to fail. She awakens in the game itself as her avatar Cayna, equipped with all of her OP abilities, but it is no longer a game. She realizes as she interacts with the world that it is now real. Along the way, she meets custom NPCs Skargo (Chris Niosi), Mai-Mai (Veronica Taylor), and Kartatz (Keith Silverstein) believe they are her children. She also encounters other humans who became trapped in the game as their avatars, revealing to her that “Leadale” was shut down. She begins a quest to find thirteen Guardian Towers to determine what happened and if they can return to the real world.

I actually enjoyed this isekai. While some can be serious and action-packed, this one was more wholesome and relied a lot on humor. I will not go as far to say it is a new favorite, but it was a fun show to watch and I found it very wholesome.

Cayna was a very interesting protagonist. While she could be kind, courteous, and generous, her fierce side could come out where her temper would flare up. She was a little OP, but the show generated enough adventure where you could get past it.

Essentially, it is not the greatest “lost in a video game” show, but it was fun and had interesting characters. I’m unfamiliar with the manga, so I am curious to know what direction the anime will take.

Check out these clips below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Minor Foul language, Inappropriate humor

This review is based on the dub.

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