Jonathan Young and Caleb Hyles: Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (Metal Cover) Music Review

We all remember that fateful day in 2011 when the then-teen singer Rebecca Black broke the internet with her song “Friday.” The song became a joke within pop culture and a fun one to riff on. Jonathan Young and Caleb Hyles bring us a metal version of the song, with Young saying, “I’m deleting my channel.”

Jonathan Young opens the song with his signature metal style. You can tell that he is having fun as he frantically goes through the song. Caleb Hyles jumps in halfway through the song and you can see Young in the background laughing as his collaborator sings. It was a fun homage to the original and one version of the song that you can enjoy for a good time.

Checkout the music video:

“Friday” always got an overabundance amount of hate. Sure the song is cheesy, but the reaction at the time was way overblown. Rebecca Black and her family eventually sued the record label that originally produced the song, posting it on Rebecca’s official YouTube channel. Rebecca Black would appear in the music video of Katy Perry’s song “TGIF.” She would release a new version for the song’s tenth anniversary.

“I’ll let all the ‘Friday’ jokes happen, I get it,” she told the Chicago Sun-Times in January 2022. “But the idea of defining a person from when they were super young, or defining anyone from any one moment, inhibits a lot of freedom and creativity that I think people deserve to have.”

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