‘Is This You’ Graphic Novel Review

Splatto comics founder Richard “Ya Boi Zack” Meyer and artist Per “Narwhal” Berg bring us a “joint” comic book ‘Is This You?’ It is a short tale from NarZack that features an immortal warrior facing against the tide of cancel culture.

Alaster Belmont reveals him to the world as an immortal warrior who has been helping humanity behind the scenes. During an interview with The Theodosia Show, an audience member exposes a photo of Adolf Hitler… with Belmont in the background. Almost immediately, his agent drops him, his bank cancels his account, and even his driver quits, leaving him stranded. Despite his attempts to show he was undercover as an Allied spy, cancel culture continues to chase him. At his wit’s end, a mystical horn may be his only chance.

The graphic novel takes a satirical and very humorous look at cancel culture. It never ends as we watch Alaster get canceled in realtime.

The artwork is very cool and matched the vibe of the story. I hope they eventually do a colorized version, not that I do not like the black and white art style, but I think it would look cool to see the little dweeb who tries to ruin Alaster’s life.

As for the story, I laughed at every joke and understood every angle that Meyer throws in. Cancel culture is a terror on society and this comic book does a good job of capturing its pollution. I was entertained at every level, especially when they realized they canceled the wrong person.

In full disclosure, I supported the crowdfunding campaign for this project.

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