My Top 10 Prowl Forms In Transformers

Prowl may have perished during the animated ‘Transformers: The Movie’ when Megatron seizes control of his shuttle going to Autobot City on Earth, but he remains one of the most popular characters in the franchise. He has taken a different form, often as a law enforcement vehicle, in virtually every iteration of the show. He is a competent and loyal member of the Autobots and even briefly served as a leader in the Dreamwave comics when Optimus Prime vanished. Here are my top 10 forms of the Autobot strategist Prowl:

10. Energon

Originally a member of Rodimus‘ team, he is a headstrong rookie that transforms into a race car, but often shows his ability so much so that he becomes an elite member of the Autobot SWAT team.

09. Beast Wars

This owl version appeared in the IDW Comics, though originally he was a Maximal named after the heroic Autobot.

08. Movie Verse

Though not actually appearing in the films, Prowl would make appearances in the comic book tie-ins to the movies fighting Megatron and his forces.

07. Dreamwave

During the “War Within” arc, Prowl was, at first, suspicious of the Matrix choosing Optimus Prime as Autobot leader, but soon becomes one of his most loyal soldiers battling the Decepticons.

06. Wings

Prowl controls an army of clones that work to help protect the Autobot assets.

06. Animated

The Autobot now serves as a stoic ninja who has a secret past and often works with Jazz.

05. Hearts of Steel

In an alternate timeline, the Transformers, including Prowl (seen left), awaken on Earth during the days of the Industrial Revolution.

04. TransTech

Working as an intelligence officer, he was singled out by Optimus Prime for promotion and become a trusted member of the team.

03. Aligned

Serving as a police officer on Cybertron, he would make sporadic appearances in “Aligned” related content.

02. Car Robots

Known as “Mock-Alert” in Japan, Prowl is the middle brother of the Autobots Brothers who constantly looks after the younger one Sideburn while commiserating with his elder X-Brawn.

01. Generation 1

Prowl is a loyal and strong member of Optimus Prime’s crew on the Ark. This OG version has taken on Star Scream and Soundwave, living to tell the tale until that fateful 2005 battle when he lost his life trying to stop Megatron from seizing a shuttle to Earth.

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