‘Edens Zero’ Anime Season 1 Review

Netflix originally released the sci-fi anime ‘Edens Zero‘ in two parts, so I reviewed it as such. With the announcement of season two, I decided to do a complete review of the show.

Edens Zero‘ comes from the imagination of mangaka Hiro Mashima, who wrote and illustrated the manga. J.C.Staff began producing an anime adaption that was streamed exclusively to Netflix for North America.

Shiki Granbell (Sean Chiplock) is living peacefully on Granbell, a theme-park planet where he is the only human. All the other inhabitants are robots and they raised him, telling him to find friends. One day, Rebecca Bluegarden (Kira Buckland) and her robot cat Happy (Tia Ballard) arrive. The robots chase Shiki away and he boards Rebecca’s ship, learning she is a “B-Cuber” social media influencer. They pick up Weisz Steiner (Ray Chase) and the robot Pino (Sarah Anne Williams) before discovering that Shiki’s “grandpa” the Demon King (John Eric Bentley), a massive robot who once controlled the mighty space ship Edens Zero. Shiki becomes the new captain and they recruit awkward warrior Homura Kōgetsu (Laura Stahl) to help find the “Four Shining Stars,” robots who can fully activate Edens Zero before finding “Mother,” a being that can grant wishes.

Like I said about the first part of the show, you can definitely tell it is a science fiction version of Fairy Tail. Magic is replaced with a technology called “Ether Gear” and Shiki is clearly a combination of Grey and Natsu. They also put some funny cameos from various Fairy Tail characters throughout the entirety of the season. That being said, it is original enough to stand on its own as a series. I was fully emerged all throughout their quest, even going into the second part.

I have to praise the animation. It is a little short of impressive, but I also thought it was excellent. I loved the fight scenes, especially between two fighters using the “Ether Gear.” The space travel was also animated very well, but I have to mention this cool scene where Shiki battled a mech that I thought was well-done.

Now, I have to admit, the side stories did get bloated after a while and the episode where they go into a VR game was not impressive. It was kind of boring, but that was the only one.

Overall, I really enjoy Edens Zero. Though it relies a little too much on inappropriate humor, I still find the story fun and exciting. The characters are excellent, well-written, and are unique. That is was kept me hooked to the entirety of the show. They truly do a good job of making them fun and I think that is why it is an enjoyable anime. I cannot wait for the second season.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Crude humor, Violence, Some foul language,

This review is based on the dub.

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