‘Doctor Alpha: Miracle Child’ Graphic Novel Review

Over two years in the making, ‘Doctor Alpha: Miracle Child‘ is an indie dark superhero comic book from writer S.A. Rivera with artwork for the main story by Jeff Kraven and the bonus stories by Preston Asevedo.

Dr. Alpha is one of the world’s greatest villains. As he sits in prison, he is visited by his current archnemesis and son, the superhero known as Glorious tells him that the Martian invader Molvion has returned to Earth and plans to destroy it. Glorious wants Dr. Alpha to help the Crusaders, a hero team, defeat the Martians. At first, Dr. Alpha refuses, but when Glorious tells him that his grandson has been captured by Molvion, the villain agrees, though he has a secret agenda for the heroes he is working with.

A lot of these indie comics take time to create and you might have to wait for its production. That being said, I do feel like this one took way too long. I get it, when you are in the indie space, it can take time, but this took over two years. The question is, was it worth the wait?

I guess the correct answer is, sure. I found the plot interesting, the characters compelling, and the artwork excellent. I especially liked the character designs. They looked raw and unfiltered, as opposed to the corporate printed stuff coming out of the mainstream comic book industry.

The story was also thrilling. There was a little bit of repetition between the chapters, but I still enjoyed it and found the story of a father, son, and grandson to be one to teach us about heroism and villainy. I also liked how legacy played a part within the plot and I appreciated how much care was given to the story.

You can check out the cover here:

In full disclosure, I backed the crowdfunding campaign for this indie graphic novel.

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