‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ Documentary Review

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story‘ is a two-part true crime Netflix documentary directed by Rowan Deacon. It details the life, career, and subsequent scandal involving British celebrity Jimmy Savile. Despite a decades-long television career, Savile was accused of horrifying crimes that shook a nation.

Jimmy Saville was a DJ and host of Jimmy’ll Fix It, Clunk Click, and Top of the Tops. His fame and celebrity allowed him to raise millions of cash for charitable causes including kids’ hospitals, schools, insane asylums, and helping people achieve their dreams. The eccentric Jimmy was beloved by British royalty, politicians, and the public-at-large as someone who could fix anything. However, beneath all of that, there was a dark side to it. Rumors haunted him through his entire career about inappropriate behavior with the very children he was helping. He would deny it and dodge the accusations, but his crimes came to light, exposing his heinous behavior.

Through archival footage and interviews, we get a glimpse of his fame and power as a celebrity starting in the 1960s. He would become friends with the Royal family and become knighted for his work. However, the veneer is soon stripped away as the press begins to hear rumors of grooming and raping children. Despite some noise, an investigation is not launched until he is in his eighties.

I will say, they do their darndest to try to give the press credit for exposing him. Sure, one or two was looking into it, but they failed his victims. It was not until Savile’s death that the reports were exposed. They do not deserve one ounce of credit. Sure, some asked him tough questions and one expressed regret for not getting involved faster, but no one was really pursuing him and many tried to deflect blame. The documentary tries to give them credit, but you wonder where they were during the decades of his monstrous behavior and are put off by their stand-offish behavior.

You definitely are stunned as we watch this obvious creep mesmerize an entire nation. Sure, some people are suspicious, but they never truly find anything. Hearing from the victims was the most sobering as a whole society abandoned them to this pervert. It was amazing to see how a society and culture will prop up a monster because he was entertaining. This documentary definitely shines a light on that.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Discussion of abuse of children, Disturbing topics, Thematic elements, Strong foul language

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