‘My Senpai Is Annoying’ Anime Season 1 Review

My Senpai Is Annoying‘ is a slice-of-life comedy based on a manga by Shiro Manta. The show is directed by Ryota Itoh and written by Yoshimi Narita. It was made by the Japanese animation production company Doga Kobo which produced twelve episodes for its first season.

Futaba Igarashi (Risa Mei) is a scrappy, but dedicated worker at a sales company who has childlike stature, being very short and young-looking. She is frustrated by her supervisor, Harumi Takeda (Patrick Seitz) often pokes fun at her for her size. Despite this, they work well together along with their co-workers including the beautiful Tōko Sakurai (Jennifer AuBuchon) and Sōta Kazama (Mark Allen Jr.). Futaba confides in her best friend Natsumi Kurobe (Erica Schroeder), who picks up on a crush her friend has on her supervisor. Tōko’s much younger brother Yūto (Bryn Apprill) and Futaba’s grandfather (R. Bruce Elliott) also muscle in on the group’s time, frustrating Futaba, who, despite her annoyance, grows to respect and like Takeda as they continue to work together.

This show is more like a traditional sitcom than a slice-of-life anime and that is what makes it work. Similar to King of the Hill, it is an animated adult comedy that does not cross any lines into vulgarity or obscenity. Instead, it allows for clever writing and sharp animation to tell the story.

First of all, Futaba is a fun character that you can connect to. She is not some annoying feminist who lectures over and over about Takeda’s privilege. Instead, despite her annoyance at his poking fun at her size, she proves herself by being a hard worker and standing up for herself. Likewise, Takeda is a funny, charismatic, and charming presence who does joke with Futaba, but it never crosses an unprofessional line. In short, their relationship is funny and entertaining without all the garbage modern American writers put in television shows.

The anime has not been given a renewal, but I genuinely hope it does. It is funny, charming, and entertaining plus you get to watch a plot to keep you interesting.

Check out the subtitled trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Cartoonish violence, Inappropriate humor, Some drinking

This review is based on the dub from Funimation.

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