Samuel Rutherford: “Faint Not”

Samuel Rutherford (1600 – March 29, 1661) was a Scottish Presbyterian pastor, theologian, and author whose letters served to help define a movement and solidify him as a classic Puritan thinker. Not only limiting himself to Christianity, but Rutherford was also active in politics, but he never lost sight of sharing the Gospel. Here are my top 10 favorite quotes from Samuel Rutherford.

“Faint not; the miles to heaven are but few and short.”

“Your heart is not the compass that God steers by.”

“Believe God’s word and power more than you believe your own feelings and experiences. Your Rock is Christ, and it is not the Rock which ebbs and flows, but your sea.”

“Our pride must have winter weather to rot it.”

“[S]how yourself a Christian, by suffering without murmuring; – in patience possess your soul: they lose nothing who gain Christ.”

“Christ is a well of life, but who knoweth how deep it is to the bottom? This soul of ours hath love, and cannot but love some fair one; and O, what a fair One, what an only One, what an excellent, lovely, ravishing One is Jesus.”

“I know no sweeter way to heaven, than through free grace and hard trials together, and one of these cannot well want another.”

“Heaven is but a company of noble venturers for Christ. They are not worthy of Him who will not take a blow for the Master’s sake.”

“Dashes and disappointments are not canonical Scripture.”

“To live on Christ’s love is a king’s life.”

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