‘Ben Reilly: Spider-Man’ Issue 2 Comic Book Review

Comic book writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist David Baldeón resurrect a fan-favorite Marvel character from the “Clone Wars” saga with ‘Ben Reilly: Spider-Man,’ continuing with issue 2.

Ben Reilly is relating a battle he had with Mac Gargan, known as the Scorpion to Ravencroft therapist Dr. Ashley Kafka. To Ben’s surprise, Gargan seems to know his identity and that he is not the original Spider-Man. As the two battle, Reilly comes to realize something about himself and his trust issues as he reflects on his “exile.”

The battle with Scorpion was fine. While I was hesitant about certain aspects of it, it was well-written and well-illustrated. I was so glad to see Ben’s costume do battle against one of Spidey’s most fearsome foes. I thought it was cool, sleek, and they did a good job.

My problems with it are how they are framing Reilly getting therapy from the director of a prison that allows criminals to escape on the regular. While I am glad Ben is getting out there, this whole thing where superheroes need to get advice from folks who are boring and are only there to lecture them is boring. It is a shame because these characters could be important, but they make the comic boring. Let me see some action and Ben learning from his fights like in the good ol’ days.

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