‘Batman: The Knight’ Issue 2 Comic Book Review

Batman: The Knight‘ issue two continues the ten-part series where we get a new NEW origin for Bruce Wayne’s transitioning into becoming the Dark Knight. Chip Zdarsky is handling the writing and Carmine Di Giandomenico is handling the art.

After leaving Gotham City, Bruce Wayne finds himself traveling Europe where he ends up in Paris, France. Bruce feels conflicted and despite developing some skills, he feels stuck at his current level. He has a chance encounter with a professional thief known as the Gray Shadow. They forge an uneasy alliance where she teaches Bruce her skills and he does not turn her in. However, a French detective known as Ducard is waiting to make a move on them.

Same as with the first issue, I liked the artwork. The character illustrations and the way Paris was designed looked very striking. It just does not feel unique enough to stand out as a new origin for Batman as I was hoping for more.

As for the story, I think it is fine, but I don’t know why I needed a new NEW Batman origin. They introduce this professional thief (no doubt to influence how Bruce sees Selina in the future), but they could not give them a unique name. Her name is the “Gray Shadow” a variation on the “Gray Ghost” from Batman: TAS. They are so creatively bankrupt that they cannot even come up with a totally new character. Also, Ducard goes from this really cool vigilante to a Paris private detective. Okay, why? Granted, there have been different versions of him, but combining him with Chief Inspector Dreyfuss was a bad move.

I just don’t get DC Comics these days. They are creatively bankrupt, but instead of bringing in veteran talent or new talent, they keep recycling these hires that continually produce mediocre-at-best stories, even for a new origin for one of their flagship characters. It is a shame too because Zdarsky has brought some quality work in the past.

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