‘Home Team’ Review- Not Exactly A Touchdown

Based on the infamous “Bountygate,” ‘Home Team‘ is a family comedy directed by Charles and Daniel Kinnane. It was produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and released on Netflix.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton (Kevin James) gets suspended after members of his staff are accused of placing “bounties” on other NFL players. He is suspended for one-year and heads to his hometown of Argyle, Texas where he stays in a hotel run by the clueless Eric (Jared Sandler). He contacts his ex-wife Beth (Jackie Sandler) and meets her new husband Jamie (Rob Schneider), hoping to reconnect with his son Connor (Tait Blum). While observing his son’s middle school football team, he sees how bad they are and gives them pointers, leading them to the first score of the season. Their coach Troy (Taylor Lautner) and assistant coach Mitch (Gary Valentine) ask him to join as the offensive coach. Hesitant at first, he decides to take the position as it gives him a chance to grow closer to his son, leading to a crazy season.

I am not the expert on “Bountygate,” so I cannot comment on Sean Payton’s involvement, though I know he admitted to being aware of the situation but was accused of doing nothing to stop it. Either way, this movie did not capture whether or not Payton regretted the decisions he made.

I will say, I did enjoy the movie. It had some genuinely comedic moments with Kevin James’ ability to deliver one-liners. I also thought the chaos of that was happening at the hotel was hilarious, having traveled a bit, I got some of the frustration.

Now, the movie does have some hiccups. There is a scene where the kids get food poisoning and some of Adam Sandler’s gross-out humor comes into play. It was disgusting, not funny. Also, the movie breezes through most of the season with no montage or even a reference. I wish we could have seen more of that. A few of the jokes fell flat and at times, the pacing was a bit off.

The actors all did a decent job. No one blew my mind, but I had a good time. The child actors were also pretty good with all of their quirks and making them seem unique with their own personalities.

One thing to note, Taylor Lautner has come a long way from Twilight and those cheesy B-movies he did after. I was impressed to see his evolution and applaud his role in this film.

Bottom line, Home Team is an enjoyable movie that sure is imperfect, but I found it fun and a good time. As a family movie, I thought it was fun. I certainly enjoyed it with mine.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Gross humor, Sports action, Some rude humor

FAVORITE QUOTE: We shut down the board!

Watch the trailer below:

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