‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 10 Comic Book Review

Comic book writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann continue the DC Comics Black Label series ‘Batman/Catwoman‘ with issue ten. Why? Don’t know.

Catwoman is fighting in three different Christmas seasons in Gotham. In the first, she is fighting the Joker during some earlier period. Second, she is fighting the Joker again after stopping his killing of Batman and the Phantasm. Finally, she is fighting with her daughter Helena, who is tracking her mother down after Selina killed the elderly Joker. Oh, and Selina eludes to some secret.

Clay Mann’s artwork is a little better this time. It honestly felt he had been phoning it in the past couple of issues, but it seemed sleeker although he has another page where he just repeats the panel three times within the time periods. I also like the cover on this one which Mann did with Tomeu Morey.

As for the writing, Tom King continues to prove that DC Comics did the right thing by firing him from his run on Batman. This issue in particular served no purpose. Absolutely nothing was done except in the final page. The weird connection between Catwoman and the Joker is still just a bunch of ridiculous talk. Long lines of exposition that are unnecessary, the silly Christmas song motif, and the diminishing of the Dark Knight to an emotional child.

How this issue got past an editor is beyond me. At first, the Phantasm was billed as the big draw to this series, but King now seems to have forgotten she was part of this bizarre Christmas story at all. As for the “big secret” that was teased at the end, a toddler could figure it out. It is completely unimaginative and I am so glad there are only a few issues left of this trite.

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