‘Suicide Squad: Get Joker’ 2 Comic Book Review

The DC Comics Black Label brings us the second issue of ‘Suicide Squad: Get Joker‘ written by author Brian Azzarello and artist Alex Maleev.

The Red Hood finds himself in charge of a Task Force X team consisting of Harley Quinn, Wild Dog, Plastique, Firefly, Silver Banshee, Peebles, Yonder Man, and Meow Meow. They are sent by Amanda Waller to Gotham City for one purpose: to execute the Joker. However, the Clown Prince of Clown has stolen the device that manages the bombs in their heads and demands they come to a party to get it back. Little do they know, another Task Force X is on a separate mission, to kill them.

I do not know what is going on at DC Comics. There is so much dialogue and exposition in this comic book that was totally unnecessary. Azzarello is usually more on point and good at getting his stories tight, but this time he explores the “inner feelings” of some of these Task Force X characters. These are hardened criminals being forced to kill for the feds. I don’t care about their feelings. It doesn’t have to be that deep.

As of the artwork in my review of issue one, the artwork by Maleev fits the plot perfectly. It sets up for the grit and the grime that the Suicide Squad can only bring to the battle. Everything from the illustrations to the character designs brings it to its fullest potential. Hats off to him for making the visuals.

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