‘Ben Reilly: Spider-Man’ Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Marvel Comics brings us a fan-favorite character from the “Clone Wars” with ‘Ben Reilly: Spider-Man’ written by J.M. DeMatteis with artwork from David Baldeón for the first issue.

Taking place when Peter Parker and Mary Jane move to Portland, Ben Reilly has given up on his identity as Scarlet Spider and has become Spider-Man. After battling a foe, he brings him to the Ravencroft Institute where he discusses his identity with one of the scientists. Meanwhile, strange murders are happening all over New York City and Ben is suspicious that Ravencroft is connected despite denials from the staff.

David Baldeón does a good job of picking up the look of the comic books during the Ben Reilly era. Besides the Scarlet Spider titles, Ben Reilly took over the Spidey titles and launched the Sensational Spider-Man. They all had a specific style and Baldeón not only recreates it but does a good job of putting his own signature on the panels. I also loved the main cover by Steve Skroce and the variant by Dan Jurgens.

As for the story, J.M. DeMatteis is a legendary comic book writer who brought us classics like “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” He picks up here with Ben Reilly, though I was nervous when I saw Spidey getting a lecture from some of the staff at Ravencroft. I know Reilly has issues to work out, but the staff of an asylum that has frequent breakouts is not one of them. Hopefully, this is only a blip because the rest of the story and the action scenes are fun.

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