‘The Women and the Murderer’ Documentary Review

Mona Achache and Patricia Tourancheau direct ‘The Women and the Murderer,’ the 2021 documentary telling the story of how four women brought down 1990s Paris serial killer Guy Georges. It was released in North America on Netflix.

Guy Georges was a brutal serial killer who stalked and brutally killed seven women. It was through the efforts of a strong investigation plus one victim’s mother rallying others to put a stop to his reign of terror which stretched from 1991 to 1997. He was accused of having killed seven women, but also of numerous crimes related to assaults, strangulations, and stabbings. Though he confessed to police detectives, his defense attorneys convinced him to recant, making many fear he would be released back into Paris.

The documentary does a good job of setting up the story, relaying the facts, and showing every detail of how Georges was caught and eventually tried. I found the technical aspects of it very well done, though the sound quality was a bit low.

I did have to chuckle a bit. Since it was a work of European cinema, they had to take their digs at America. They said, at least twice, that Georges was the first French serial killer. That is bull malarky.

The researchers seemed to forget about Joseph Vacher aka THE FRENCH RIPPER, who is thought to have killed over two dozen victims. Not to mention Émile Dubois, who not only murdered French citizens but would travel, killing many. Martin Dumollard would murder his maids with the aid of his wife. These are just three.

This made the documentary seem poorly researched when a simple Google search would have settled this ahistorical blunder. Serial killing was invented by Europe and while no one truly knows who the first one was, these monsters were haunting the West long before the United States was founded.

Aside from that, it is a good story about how one killer was brought to justice, and hearing all of the details was fascinating.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Disturbing topics, Violence, Some foul language

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