‘Batman/Catwoman Special’ Comic Book Review

Not satisfied to make the Dark Knight look like an emotional weakling in a twelve-part miniseries, DC Comics Black Label brings us ‘Batman/Catwoman Special‘ from writer Tom King and an army of artists.

The story begins with glimpses of an orphaned Selina Kyle escaping from an abusive orphanage in Gotham City and living on the streets. From there, she becomes a career as a thief eventually becoming Catwoman. She runs into Batman and as a result, also runs into his other enemies including the Joker. Soon, Bruce Wayne and Selina tie the knot and have a daughter named Helena. They begin training her at a young age and watch as she becomes a hero like her father.

The artists include the late John Paul Leon, Bernard Chang, Shawn Crystal, and Mitch Gerads. This was Leon’s last comic book to work on. I am sure that he was excited to work on a Batman special and he did a good job, especially with the cover.

As for the story, I do not know if Tom King has ever had a conversation with a real person because no one in this comic book talks like a person. The conversations are bland and the story of Selina Kyle was so quick that I could not resonate with it. Also, what is with Selina’s dumb relationship with the Joker. It was written with all of the gusto of a middle schooler.

He also has Batman have these silly conversations where the Caped Crusader comes off like an emotional weakling. I cannot believe DC Comics gave this a “special” as there is nothing special about it.

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