Author Rebecca Rose Discusses Fiction, Writing, And How To Handle Hollywood | StudioJake

Columnist and novelist Rebecca Rose comes on to talk about writing, Hollywood, and more! We break down her influences and where she thinks Conservatives go wrong when it comes to fiction.

You can watch the episode below:

Here is the Amazon synopsis of Love, Politics, and Survival: A Whitfield Family Narrative Book Two by Rebecca:

“George Whitfield’s family continues to try to make do and get by however they can with their husband and father no longer in their lives.

George had planned with their family friend, Adam Maier, to propose to his daughter, Cassandra, in hopes of having a sense of normalcy. A situation arises, however, orchestrated by George’s arch-rival, Director Edward Roth, making such a proposal impossible. Cassandra feels torn between her love for Adam and going through with an arranged engagement, which she hopes.”


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