‘Transformers: Wreckers – Tread and Circuits’ Issue 4 Comic Book Review

We made it to the finale of ‘Transformers: Wreckers – Tread and Circuits’ from IDW Publishing. The four-part series was written by David Mariotte with artwork from Jack Lawrence.

With the Speedia 500 on Velocitron ended, the Wrecker team consisting of Thunderclash, Aileron, Hot Shot, Ricochet, and Minerva are there to make sure the Ascenticon aligned Knock Out becomes the First Senator on the planet with no issues. Meanwhile, they wait to see if their friend Circuit recovers from his injuries. As the coronation begins, Octopunch and his Decepticon team called Mayhem attack, forcing the Wreckers into action before it is too late.

Lawrence is a talented artist and throughout the whole series, he did a good job of illustrating the Autobots, the Decepticons, and even the background. Minerva and Thunderclash were done especially well and they stood out among them. Throughout the whole series, he kept it tight and the action flowed well from panel to panel. His artwork was superb for this Transformers series.

I also enjoyed the story and thought the conclusion went off without a hitch. You can tell it is aligning with the IDW story-arc reboot that launched in 2019. Since it took place on Velocitron instead of Cybertron, it felt like a good story.

Now, this is going a little bit into spoiler territory, but Minerva gets framed for a crime, and the other Wreckers just sort of leave her. Now, it does leave it open for an expansion, but I thought this was kind of out of character for what they established with the Wreckers early on.

Despite that and the lack of a headliner Autobot, outside of Minerva, I did enjoy the miniseries a great deal. It felt like old-school Transformers and one that sets up what is to come with Cybertron in a good way.

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