‘Batman: The Imposter’ Part 3 Comic Book Review

Part three of ‘BatmanThe Imposter,’ is a DC Comics Black Label release. Supposedly it is tied to the upcoming Matt Reeves movie. It is written by Mattson Tomlin with artwork from Andrea Sorrentino and coloring by Jordie Bellaire.

Batman confronts the Ratcatcher who has secretly been working with the imposter, leading for the villain to commit suicide after he is arrested by the Gotham City PD. Detective Blair Wong confronts the Dark Knight only to discovers his identity as Bruce Wayne, forcing them to confront their relationship. When Batman confronts the Imposter, his identity is one that will shake Gotham to its core.

The artwork is alright, but they used this bizarre color scheme to try to make it seem like an old pulp magazine, but at times, it made the character illustrations a bit confusing. There was also this one page that you had to flip upside down to read. One night, Bruce Wayne does not look like Robert Pattinson, since this comic book is supposed to be ahead of the Matt Reeves’ film The Batman, but the illustration does not match.

As for the story, I was not impressed. It felt like the writer thought he was being dark, but it was really just grim. They portray Alfred as an uncaring parent who is ready to ship off a young, angry Bruce Wayne. Instead of focused on crime-fighting, Bruce is more angsty than serious which was sort of a fail to portray him as angry. I also do not understand his motivations. If his father was “unkind,” as one issue notes, why would he want to avenge him? This tampering with Batman’s origins in order to make the character as troubled as the villains he fights is preposterous and shows a lack of imagination of the part of DC Comics.

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