‘Transformers: Wreckers – Tread and Circuits’ Issue 3 Comic Book Review

Transformers: Wreckers – Tread and Circuits‘ issue 3 is part of a four-part series written by David Mariotte with artwork from Jack Lawrence. It comes to us via the IDW Comics timeline that was launched in 2019.

As Minerva tends to Circuit’s wounds, Thunderclash, Aileron, Hot Shot, and Ricochet enter the Spedia 500, a race on Velocitron to determine who will represent them in the Cybertron Senate. However, the Decepticon gang known as Mayhem attacks the racers. Led by Octopunch, these Decepticons are determined to stop the race, but the Wreckers are there to try and stop them before it is too late especially with some of Megatron’s own Ascenticons aiming to take the Senate seat.

This was the best issue of the series so far. I liked the action taking place during the race and how the Autobots have to battle Octopunch and his thugs is excellent. The way Lawrence illustrates all of the characters is very well done and it brings the action to life.

Besides the artwork, I am really liking this story that Mariotte fleshes out. Thunderpunch and his Wreckers are a good tight-knit team and truly bring out the Autobots. I still would have liked someone more familiar to be part of the team, other than Minerva. That being said, it is a fun adventure.

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