‘Kamen America Volume 4: Scars and Bars’ Graphic Novel Review

Kamen America Volume 4: Scars and Bars’ is the final entry of the “Stars and Strife” saga of the series written by Mark Pellegrini with artwork from Timothy Lim. It was published under their Iconic Comics imprint and, in full disclosure, I supported the crowdfunding campaign.

After discovering that their friend and ally Vicki Kaminski is their rival Vermillion Masquerade. Carly Vanders, also known as Kamen America, leads her Kamen Corp team consisting of Kamen Comet, Kamen Ramen, and Kamen Victory to try and stop her. However, another darker enemy is lurking in the shadows with an unusual connection to Vicki. As the Kamen Corp searches for Vermillion, Vicki remembers her past and the path she took to become one of their enemies.

Like I said previously, Timothy Lim once again nails the manga-inspired artwork. The character designs, the background illustrations, and the lively colors pull you into the story. Now that we know it is a shared universe with Black-Hops, I can tell that it meshes very well.

This next entry has that sense of fun that a lot of modern comics sort of eschew in favor of political talking points. That is a breath of fresh air and I liked how Mark Pellegrini put themes of regret, forgiveness, and friendship into the plot. It is nice to watch superheroes actually being heroic and strong female characters who do not need to give you a crash course through feminism. Instead, the Kamen Corp are superheroes who will stop at nothing to do the right thing. I cannot wait to see more from these characters and what is next for them.

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  1. […] Carly Vanders is exposed to a strange radiation from a meteor that gives her unusual abilities. Using her skills as a fashionista, she designs a costume and becomes the hero Warhen, only to go independent as Kamen America with the help of her friends and allies. Soon, she gains new teammates in the form of Kamen Comet and Kamen Ramen who aid her in the battle against the mysterious Vermillion Masquerade. […]

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