Christian Toto’s ‘Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul’ Book Highlight

Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul‘ is written by Christian Toto and discusses how the entertainment industry is listening to weirdos on social media.

From the Amazon description,

Hollywood’s Dream Factory is now a nightmare of woke restrictions, Identity Politics run amok, and freedom-snuffing rules and regulations. The Oscars are unwatchable, as are many films and television shows thanks to the woke revolution. Virtue Bombs breaks down where Hollywood went so wrong, illustrates the slow-motion disaster infiltrating the industry, and offers a glimmer of hope for a woke-free tomorrow. Award-winning film critic Christian Toto has all the receipts, showcasing Hollywood’s virtue-signaling follies and how it could get much, much worse before it gets better.

Virtue Bombs is one of those books that you can read with ease but still get so much insight from it. If you are familiar with Toto’s work, you know he pays attention to detail (even if he is wrong about Venom.) It is no different with this book. He accurately traces the history of how the woke infiltrated Hollywood and breaks down how these virtual signalers have affected various levels of the entertainment industry.

Personally, I found the chapters on Gina Carano and the music industry to be the most illuminating. That is not a slight on the rest of the book, it was just interesting hearing how quickly Disney caves to a social media mob and how rock music panders to a group who does not even listen to their music.

Definitely pick it up and give it a read if you are interested in hearing about how your favorite pop culture icons have been taken over by toxic woke vandals.

Find out more about Christian Toto at

In full disclosure, I have written articles for Hollywood In Toto and am acquainted with Mr. Toto.

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