Duncan Campbell: “Never Compromise”

Duncan Campbell (February 13, 1898 – March 18, 1972) was an evangelist, revivalist, and led an awakening in the Scottish Hebrides. He joined the Faith Mission who was bold enough to preach the Gospel by traveling the isles of Great Britain. After many falsehoods were told about him, he wrote his own history of it titled The Lewis Awakening. Here are my top 10 Duncan Campbell quotes:

“Never compromise to accommodate the devil.”

“What did the early church have that we do not possess today? Nothing but the Holy Spirit, nothing but the power of God. Nothing but a Holy Spirit revival will meet the desperate need of the hour.”

“There is a kind of gospel being proclaimed today which conveniently accommodates itself to the spirit of the age, and makes no demand for godliness.”

“We are afraid of disturbing people today. You must not have their emotions stirred, you must not have the people weeping in a meeting, you must not have the people rolling on the floor under conviction of sin; keep things orderly. May God help us, may God have mercy upon us. Who are we to dictate to Almighty God as to how He is going to work?”

“Show me a people on their faces before God – gripped in the unction of prayer and I show you a people ready for revival.”

“If you want revival, get right with God. If you are not prepared to bring the “last piece,” for God’s sake stop talking about revival, your talking and praying is but the laughing-stock of devils. It is about time we got into the grips of reality. Are we thirsty?”

“We do well to remember that no amount of activity in the King’s service will make up for the neglect of the King Himself.”

“When God takes the field He does a thorough work, but in this connection we do well to remember that it takes the supernatural to burst the bands of the natural.”

“I would say that the particular prerogative of the Holy Spirit is to purify and then empower.”

“The reason why we are not filled is simply because we are not hungering after God.”

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