‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 9 Comic Book Review

Comic book writer Tom King continues his campaign to ruin the Dark Knight with issue nine of ‘Batman/Catwoman’ from the DC Comics Black Label.

In the first timeline, Catwoman confronts the Joker while Bruce Wayne confessed to Alfred he is in love with Selina. In the second, the Joker is holding the Phantasm and an innocent family hostage when Batman and Catwoman arrive. In the future, Selina wants to get out of Gotham City after being fingered for the death of the Joker and she turns to the Penguin so her daughter Helena cannot stop her.

To start, artist Liam Sharp was incredibly lazy. The illustrations look rushed, unfinished, and like he just did not care about them. There are several scenes where the backgrounds are just blank with no flair or imagination, not that I blame considering the awful story he has to work with.

Okay, the three timelines are all dumb. It is almost as if Tom King is intentionally trying to make fans hate the Batman. He portrays the Dark Knight as incredibly dumb while Catwoman is galavanting with the Joker for no reason whatsoever. The three timelines make the story confusing. For instance, at first, the Phantasm wanted to kill the Joker, and then suddenly she wants to work with him, only for him to betray her. Yeah, she should have been smart enough to see that coming, but King cannot grasp what makes these characters good, so he writes them in the dumbest way possible.

Every time I read an issue, I say, “it can’t get any worse,” but I’m proven wrong every issue.

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