‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ S2 Issue 7 Comic Book Review

Legendary writers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett bring us  ‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ Season 2 Issue for DC Comics. Rick Burchett handles the artwork this time around.

Corrupt mayoral candidate Mayfield Emerson has kidnapped Barbara Gordon with the help of the Mad Hatter with plans to use her as a way to stop Hamilton Hill, Jr. from becoming mayor of Gotham City. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin are investigating Arkham Asylum where the guards swear that Mad Hatter and the recently escaped Clayface are still inside. When they see Barbara attacking Hill on television, they become suspicious that she might be compromised as well. Meanwhile, Hill begs Bruce Wayne to endorse him as the campaign comes into the home stretch.

Like I said before, I enjoyed this story arc of Batman fighting an antagonist from the past. Emerson was a great villain and I liked the alliance with Mad Hatter. He is often an underrated villain so I am glad that they utilized him for this series. Dini and Burnett are producing a comic book series that is blowing anything coming out of the main universe out of the water. That goes for the artwork, too., Burchett does a great job of capturing the look and feel of the show that the comic book continues. I am sad it is coming to a conclusion.

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