‘The Contrast’ Review- A Delightful Rom-Com

The Contrast‘ is an indie romantic comedy directed by Sean Dube, produced by Presley Paras, and co-executive produced by singer-songwriter Joy Villa. The movie was released as a video-on-demand feature film.

Maria (Joy Villa) arrives at a delightful country inn with her hipster fiancee Dimple (Lee Donoghue) ahead of their wedding. Unknown to her, he is having an affair with her best friend Charlee (Deanna Rashell). Charlee’s brother Henry (Jermain Hollman) arrives with his friend Nate (Anton Jeftha) and both notice Maria does not seem happy with Dimple, who has the approval of the father-of-the-bride Mr. Van Rough (Lance Nichols). As Nate tries to charm Maria’s friend Jenny (Thanh Ta), Maria grows closer to Henry, which makes her question her relationship with Dimple, who seems to be coming apart as he clashes with the innkeeper Mr. Wignell (Chip Carriere), groundskeeper Frank (Frank D’ Alessandro), and the debt collector Mr. Hazard (Sean Dube).

The movie is a delightful film that you can enjoy on a rainy day. It provides lots of entertainment and has a decent story. It does take cues from other romantic comedies that have come before it and the humor falls flat in a couple of scenes, but it is still a movie that is perfect for a night with popcorn.

I do want to talk about the cast. This is Joy Villa’s first feature film and she does a good job. I genuinely hope we see more of her in other movies. The rest of the cast also does a good job with their roles. The innkeeper had a great scene where he was dealing with an obnoxious customer who was demanding “European” wine, so he found some from “Spitaly.” I thought that was a pretty funny moment as someone who used to work in the service industry.

As for the overall plot, as I said before, it follows the tradition of rom-coms, but I had a good time watching Maria’s relationships with Dimple and Henry as the wedding grows closer and closer. There is a subplot where her friend Jenny is being pursued by Nate and it added a lot of funny moments, especially when he tried to “sing” ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy.’  On another note, I appreciated that the movie did not preach at me. It was just a solid film.

Bottom line, The Contrast is a delightful film that you can put on for a nice, quiet evening at home with your date or spouse. It is good-humored and has a charming story to tell.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, Thematic elements, Rude gestures

FAVORITE QUOTE: I’m in love with the woman who is marrying someone else.

Check out the trailer below:

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