Top 10 Favorite Natsu Dragneel Battles From Fairy Tail Anime

The fantasy anime ‘Fairy Tail’ has many epic battles and story arcs. Of all the characters, Natsu Dragneel of the Fairy Tail guild is one of their most powerful members. Throughout the course of the show, he faces off against some of the most powerful magical foes in the land. As a Dragonslayer, he can control fire and devour it to enhance it. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Natsu Dragneel Battles From Fairy Tail Anime:

10. WAR

Natsu battles a giant being known as the War God to protect his friends from its wrath. Though it is a giant, the taller they are, the harder they fall.

09. Zero

After getting a recharge from the reformed Jellal, Natsu takes on a powerful wizard named Zero. The two of them exchange powerful blows.

08. Zancrow

During a contest to see which Fairy Tail members advance in their guild, they are attacked. This leads to a battle of Dragonslayer against the godslayer Zancrow, who controls dark lightning.

07. Second Master

Natsu fights Master Hades, the founding member of Fairy Tail and its former second master. He is a fierce foe and one that cannot be underestimated.

06. Jellal

After making Erza cry, Jellal is ready to execute his evil plan. Unfortunately, he earns the rage of Natsu who is ready to take on the wizard.

05. Gajeel

It is dragonslayer versus dragonslayer as Natsu battles Gajeel of the Phantom Guild. The battle is one for the ages.

04. KING

In the film spin-off Dragon Cry, Natsu battles a dragon who is intent on revenge after the death of several of his friends.

03. The Twin Dragons

During a tournament, Natsu and Gajeel encounter the dragonslayers Rogue and Sting who are bent on proving their strength. However, Natsu gets rid of Gajeel, challenging the two with the popular “Come on!”

02. The Black Wizard

Zeref was an enemy of Fairy Tail from the beginning. It soon turned out that he was Natsu’s brother from another life and the two have an epic showdown.

01. Dragons Unite

When Acnologia enacts his plan to destroy all life, the dragons send their power to Natsu so he can battle the powerful dragon and bring an end to his plan.

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