‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 8 Comic Book Review

Batman/Catwoman‘ continues to trudge along with the DC Comics Black Label with Tom King’s ongoing handling of the writing duties and Liam Sharp handling the artwork.

Joker and the Phantasm go to the family that adopted Andrea Beaumont’s son, causing chaos. Batman chases Catwoman through Gotham City, demanding answers about her strange connection with the Clown Prince of Crime. In the future, Dick Grayson and Helena Wayne reminisce about the past how things have changed, but also stayed the same.

As I stated in a previous review, Liam Sharp took over for Clay Mann, the latter of whom illustrated the first six issues. Comparing the two, Mann clearly had an idea and did his best with the story and I do not blame him for getting out. Sharp, despite his talent, feels like he is just phoning it in. I do not blame him, considering how the series is being written.

This single issue was all over the place. Virtually nothing happens. The first five issues focused on the Phantasm trying to kill the Joker… now she is working with him. Catwoman refuses to talk to Batman about the Joker and gets agitated with his desire to learn the truth. Why? Batman is totally in the right, but Tom King is hilariously trying to play off Selina’s refusal to talk about it as some sort of feminist power play. Joker is a mass murderer. In this series, he tried to bomb the Gotham Skating Rink.

King clearly has no idea where this story is going. This issue was just filler and bad filler. I am surprised every time I hear he got picked up for a new comic book run. This series is such a bad take on Batman, Catwoman, and even the Joker, I keep asking myself how it could be worse. We have just a few more issues to go. I guess we will find out.

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