‘Transformers: Wreckers – Tread and Circuits’ Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Transformers: Wreckers – Tread and Circuits‘ comes from the IDW Comics timeline that was launched in 2019. It is a four-part series written by David Mariotte with artwork from Jack Lawrence.

Thunderclash is the leader of a team of Autobot Wreckers that include Minerva, Hot Shot, Ricochet, Aileron, and the Actionmaster known as Circuit. They operate on the planet Velocitron, far away from Cybertron, where they keep the peace. During a stream of them performing stunts from their ship Stuntmaster, a terror group known as Mayhem, led by Octopunch, is threatening to sabotage an upcoming planetary race. Thunderclash and his team decide to stop Mayhem, but Circuit mysteriously goes missing.

IDW’s TF Universe has been somewhat hit or miss. I like how they explore the Transformers after the Great War, but I think it is weird that they focus so much on these smaller characters. While Blurr has a cameo and Minerva is from Transformers: Headmasters, a lot of these are just random toys that have yet to manifest. I think they should have headlined with a character familiar to fans through a TV show.

That is not to say the story is bad. I quite enjoyed it as a story and like that they brought some fun into it. Though I wanted more familiar characters, I liked how they did Thunderclash and his crew. They had a lot of good monologues and I liked the idea of the team being more fun-loving. I think this four-part series will be fun.

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  1. […] Thunderclash and his team of Autobot Wreckers includes Minerva, Hot Shot, Ricochet, Aileron, and the Actionmaster known as Circuit. They arrive on Velocitron to part take in the planet’s race. A group of rogue Transformers called Mayhem are threatening to attack the race and the participants. With Minerva and Circuit on the sidelines, the rest of the team scope out the competition with several being warned to leave. […]

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