‘Batman: The Imposter’ Part 1 Comic Book Review

From the DC Comics Black Label comes ‘Batman: The Imposter,’ a comic book written by Mattson Tomlin with artwork from Andrea Sorrentino and coloring by Jordie Bellaire.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins is shocked to find Batman injured at her doorstep and realizes he is Batman. She confronts him and says she will not call the police unless he agrees to meet with her. Meanwhile, Detective Blair Wong is investigating a Batman sighting at Wesker Corp where she is confronted by the owner. She is then put on a task force to take out Batman after footage is shown of the vigilante killing three criminals. The Dark Knight is confronted by Leslie and he declares that there is an imposter out there that must be stopped.

The artwork is interesting. It feels like they are going for a “modern pulp” look, but this gives all of the characters, outside of Batman in the Batsuit, just a generic look. That is not to say it was bad, it just did not give any uniqueness to the characters. Also, Bruce Wayne does not look like Robert Pattinson, which I suppose this comic book is supposed to be ahead of the Matt Reeves’ film The Batman.

On that note, I am not sure where they are going with this. Gotham City was not unique in any way, other than it is crime-ridden, but it is not differentiated enough to make it feel unique. As for the story, it was fine. It had a pretty straightforward plot and a cool take on Arnold Wesker. Of course, they had to race-swap Dr. Thompkins and continues the trend of making her a shrill, self-righteous panderer. I wish we could see the more supportive Leslie from back in the day.

It did not “wow” me, but it did make me feel like Mattson Tomlin has only read The Dark Knight Returns. It seems while Frank Miller is getting banned from Comic Conventions, other writers are stealing, excuse me, paying homage to his arrogant, violent, and brutal version of the Dark Knight. It would be nice to get some originality in regards to the character.

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