‘Edens Zero’ Season 1 Review

Edens Zero‘ is the brainchild of mangaka Hiro Mashima. Its popularity led to an anime adaption from Japanese company J.C.Staff and was streamed exclusively to Netflix for North America.

Shiki Granbell (Sean Chiplock) is living peacefully on Granbell, a theme-park planet where he is the only human. All the other inhabitants are robots and they raised him, telling him to find friends. One day, Rebecca Bluegarden (Kira Buckland) and her robot cat Happy (Tia Ballard) arrive. The robots convince Shiki to go into space to find the mysterious Mother, a cosmic being while also finding friends. Along the way, they pick up Weisz Steiner (Ray Chase) and the robot Pino (Sarah Anne Williams) before discovering that Shiki’s “grandpa” the Demon King (John Eric Bentley), a massive robot who once controlled the mighty space ship Edens Zero.

As anime stories go, you can definitely tell it is a science fiction version of Fairy Tail. Magic is replaced with technology and Shiki is clearly a combination of Grey and Natsu, but that being said, the show is a wild ride.

Animation-wise, it is good. While it is not anything special, it definitely had some cool scenes. The fight scenes, the space travel, and the character designs, while not unique, were pretty sleek. Now, the show has plenty of fan service with girls in bikinis or cleverly censored, so watch out for that.

As for the story, though it borrows from Fairy Tail, it does enough to make itself different. Instead of several plots that the protagonists are going on, it seems that they are searching for special robots from Edens Zero so they can eventually find Mother. I thought it was fun and interesting. The show has been renewed for a second season and I cannot wait to see the second part of season one.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some violence, Minor foul language, Suggestion humor

This review is based on the dub.

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