Top 10 Favorite Kakashi Fights In Naruto

Every anime fan worth their salt has heard of The Copy Ninja, leader of Team 7, the Six Hokage, none other than Kakashi Hatake, a fierce ninja from the Hidden Leaf in the hit manga and anime Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. Though originally shown as cold and detached, he grew to care for his students Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke, taking them on many missions. His history would be an article on its own, but needless to say, he has had some epic battles in the show. Voiced brilliantly by Kazuhiko Inoue in the Japanese and Dave Wittenberg in the English, they showcase his fights and I could not resist sharing my favorites. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Kakashi Fights In Naruto:

10. Racing Master Guy

Ahead of battle, Guy Sensei challenges his longtime rival to a race. While this is more for fun, it shows that despite his often cold disposition, Kakashi can have some fun, and beat his fellow captains in a race.

09. Taking on the Smoke Clan

While searching for an escaped Orochimaru, a young Kakashi encounters a clan of ninja who can turn into smoke. Kakashi battles the village leader and manages to get the upperhand.

08. Zabuza ROUND 1

Team 7 takes on the deadly mercenary Zabuza. In the anime, this is the first weebs and otakus got a chance to see his full abilities in battle.

07. Bell Test

Okay, so this is another one for fun. Team 7 has to steal two bells from Kakashi’s belt. He learned the test from his own master Minato. The test would prove lucrative for the whole team.

06. Kakuzu and Hidan

When Team 10 runs into two members of the evil ninja group Akatsuki, Kakashi comes to their aid and helps Shikamaru get the better of them.

05. Orochimaru

While serving in the Anbu special-ops ninja, Kakashi runs into the traitor Orochimaru and though he injures him, the villain manages to escape.

04. Pain

When Pain attacked the Hidden Leaf Village, Kakashi boldly attacked and tried to defend friends from the onslaught. Though he did manage some blows, he would be defeated. Fortunately, Naruto arrived and convinced Pain to stop his attack. Kakashi carried the victorious ninja back to the village on his back, forever the mentor of the hero.

03. Zabuza Round 2

During a battle on the bridge, Zabuza thought he had learned Kakashi’s tricks, only to find the Copy Ninja has many more skills. Ultimately, Zabuza would sacrifice himself after his young apprentice dies.

02. Sasuke

Kakashi arrived in time to stop his old apprentice Sasuke from killing Sakura. Kakashi fought Sasuke until Naruto arrived, who managed to handle his old friend.

01. Obito

Obito’s turn to evil happened when he witnessed his beloved Rin at the hands of Kakashi. The two of them finally have a showdown where they hash out the past during the battle.

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