‘Meet Marry Murder’ Season 1 Review

Tubi TV is continuing its original content expansion and its deep dive into the realm of true crime series with ‘Meet Marry Murder.’ The show is hosted by actress Michelle Trachtenberg and focuses on spouses who killed their partners.

True crime series are a dime a dozen these days. While there has always been a fascination with it, it seems the popularity of the genre has exploded. What makes this show particularly interesting is how spouses turn on each other. There were those obvious stories of a husband or a wife not being who they say or getting corrupted by drugs, money, or sex. The scary episodes were the ones where you never saw it coming. The person just snaps and kills their significant other. The show does a good job of capturing those cases.

The plethora of experts all share decent insight and some were better than others, but honestly, the family interviews were definitely more interesting. The aesthetics were also decent for a series. It was not as good as other true crime shows that I have seen on Tubi, but it was competent.

Honestly, the standout was Michelle Trachtenberg. She did an excellent job as the host. A lot of true crime narrators or hosts hamper the shows with their dialogue, but she did not. I thought that she presented the crimes and the events leading up to them with poise and did a good job delivering the facts. Hopefully, it will get renewed and she will return as the host.

Check out the teaser below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Discussion of violence, Disturbing topics, Thematic elements

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