Top 5 Favorite “This Is Halloween” Covers

Music composer Danny Elfman is iconic when it comes to film. He has scored several well-known movies, but he also composed one of the most iconic opening songs in the form of “This Is Halloween” from Tim Burton’s ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas.’ While his original is top tier, some other artists have covered it and done a spooky job. Here are my Top 5 Favorite “This Is Halloween” Covers:

05. Nishino Kana “Halloween Collection”

Okay, so maybe not the spookiest cover, but the stageplay she does with the song is actually pretty cool and it gives the song a sense of fun.

04. Izzy Reigns and Friends

Izzy Reigns partners with Cody Jamison, Christian Koo, and RandAlive to deliver a rock version of the song.

03. Karliene

Adding a sort of “witch” sound to it, Karliene delivers a solid performance, paying homage to the song’s creepy nature.

02. Panic at the Disco

This band paid tribute to the film on the 2006 reissue of the original soundtrack.

01. Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young and Travis Carte deliver a death metal version of the song that ramps up the scariness of Halloweentown and its residents.

Bonus: The Original

You cannot have a list of the best covers of “This Is Halloween” without sharing the original version from Danny Elfman. Tim Burton’s ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas‘ is truly a masterpiece of stop-motion cinema and the music is a large part of that.

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