Conservatives Need To Realize Pop Culture Is Here To Stay

Conservatives, especially those in the traditional and classic wing, have always done an excellent job of promoting the preservation of culture. When those in the Far Left came after classic works from the likes of Shakespeare, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, GK Chesterton, Frederick Douglas, Mark Twain, and a host of others who have contributed to our society and culture, it was Conservatives fighting to preserve them.

No one can deny this. There is a mountain of evidence that can be found in a plethora of articles, interviews, commentary, books, and research that shows how the Conservative movement has fought to maintain the culture.

However, when it comes to popular or pop culture, Conservatives seem to balk at the idea. It is not simply preferring opera to rock music, stage musicals to blockbuster films, or novels to comic books, there is almost a derision to the idea that whatever is liked by the general public, audiences, or even a niche fanbase, is something to despise. They do not recognize that these pop culture enties are our modern myths and something that unites whole crowds of people.

This is made obvious with the comic book world, in general. Case in point, as fans derided DC Comics changing the sexual orientation of Superman’s son Jon-El, some Conservatives took the opportunity to discuss how the Left is inserting themselves into our favorite works of fiction. Yet, others on the Right were taking the opportunity to virtue signal their “superior” tastes.

“Today’s comic book reader is a man in his 20’s and 30’s,” wrote one right-leaning filmmaker. “Gen X freaks out over Superman being whatever, as they / we read comic books as kids. Kids aren’t being influenced. My bros, kids aren’t reading comics. It’s incel man children. Let them read their comics in peace!”

With that post, he just created more liberals.

This is the type of elitism that hurts the Conservative movement, not help it. You can tell from the “man children” comment that the person has never even read a comic book, exposing how out of touch some on the Right are with the culture.

Conservatives need to learn that nerd and pop culture enthusiasts are seeing their favorite characters, collections, films, and shows being infected by woke SJWs. Instead of aligning with them and gaining a foothold with pop culture, pompous talking heads attack these fans and their fandoms, only pushing folks away from the movement. It’s disheartening.

The Right has an opportunity to gain momentum with fans and instead, it is being wasted all in the name of trying to define what should or should not be considered “culture.” Pop culture is here to stay and Conservatives should realize that. At least offer olive branches and work to ally with these fans and viewers to bridge that gap so that the Far Left can stop its infectious wokeism.

That does not mean you have to like everything that comes from it. I certainly do not. All I am suggesting is that Conservatives reach out to pop culture enthusiasts to find that common ground and stopping the wave of woke SJWs trying to steal these myths, both classic and modern.

For my part, I’ve been collecting comic books since I was six and entering the Conservative movement as a young adult, I felt it. You can see the derision in the eyes of the pompous when you tell them you like Spider-Man or Batman, not just in a passing sense, but you actively collect their comic books. Now, every once in a while, you find a closeted nerd embedded within the movement. It does seem that more Conservatives are shedding that elitist attitude and at least accept that pop culture is fostering these modern myths. Hopefully, this small ripple will gain traction so that we can stop the Far Left’s intrusion on the culture more broadly.

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