‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 7 Comic Book Review

Comic book writer Tom King works with artist Liam Sharp for issue seven of the DC Black Label series ‘Batman/Catwoman.’ It is thankfully not canon.

In the past timeline, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are enjoying some much-needed romance, but after drifting off to sleep, Bruce wakes up with no clothes and is trapped in the Bank of Gotham vault. A letter informs him that Selina has already set off the alarm, a ploy seemingly after Bruce questions her recent encounters with the Joker. In the future, Dick Grayson arrests an elderly Selina under the suspicion that she killed the Joker, and Helena wonders about her mom to her father’s Batman costume in the Batcave.

So, Liam Sharp takes over as the main artist from Clay Mann and while Sharp is competent, it was a downgrade. Honestly, I feel like he was phoning it in as Sharp is an incredibly talented artist. This time, however, during a conversation between Bruce and Selina, you could see Sharp used the same image of Kyle in five different panels and the same illustration of Bruce three times. It was lazy and I find it hard to believe it made it past the editorial board, but this is modern DC Comics.

As for the writing, it continues to get worse. King experimented with making this story have two parallel timelines but now introduced a third. It was confusing and felt like he has lost his way with the story. He continues to deliver worse and worse stories in this story arc. At this point, I am halfway through it so I feel invested enough to finish it, but it is starting to feel more like a chore than a fun time reading stories about the Batman.

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