‘Trigger Point’ Review- It Gets Called An Action Film

Trigger Point‘ is an action thriller directed by Brad Turner and written by Michael Vickerman. It was distributed by Screen Media Films.

Former “Agency” hitman Nicolas Shaw (Barry Pepper) is in hiding after his last mission gave him amnesia about what it is was about, knowing only that the consequences were the death of several colleagues. His old boss Elias Kane (Colm Feore) and his thug Dwight Logan (Carlo Rota) find him asking for his help. Elias’ daughter and fellow agent Monica (Eve Harlow) has been kidnapped, suspecting it was whoever is behind the murders. They track her down, only for her to reveal it is double-cross. Monica reveals that Shaw is, in fact, the traitor that gave the killer the names. Shaw denies this and steals an encrypted file with evidence. As he dodges Kane and Logan, Shaw wants to clear his name and decrypt the file to prove his innocence.

As for the acting, it is passable, but not much else. I think Barry Pepper is incredibly talented and he does his best with what he has in the script. Everyone else just somewhat drudges along with the script and are clearly there just to pick up a paycheck (or maybe a meal voucher). I mean, they deliver their lines okay, but there was no gravitas or charisma. It comes off very bland.

The plot borrows from so many action films and I am not just talking about plot structure. The movie borrows settings, scenes, lighting, cinematography, and dialogue from other sources. In that regard, it did not feel like a homage or another entry into the action genre, more like outright plagiarism. I could go on and on about this because there are so many details, but this review would take four different articles. Needless to say, it suffers from a total lack of originality.

I paused several times to get up, do things, and then went back to the couch only to say, “how long is left?” The action is decent, but it is all something I have seen before. The dialogue is unimpressive and contrived. In the end, it feels like the filmmakers were trying to replicate other movies and they fell flat on their faces.

Botton line, Trigger Point is a bland, generic copycat action film that offers no thrills or feels for its entire runtime. Fortunately, that was not too long.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong violence, Strong foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Nobody knows who Quentin is … that’s what makes him so powerful.”

Check out the trailer below:

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