‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ S2 Issue 4 Comic Book Review

Batman: The Adventures Continue’ Season 2 continues with issue 4 for DC Comics, picking up during the events of Batman: TAS final season. Alan Burnett and Paul Dini are handling the writing duties with Rick Burchett returning for the artwork and he does an excellent job.

Rupert Thorne hires a hitman known as the Muscle to take out Detective Montoya, as she continually works to shut down his operations. While receiving an award, she is openly hostile to Batman, but Bruce Wayne tells Alfred he supports her efforts as a police detective. However, when the Muscle kidnaps Montoya’s girlfriend, it is a race against time to save her.

As I stated about previous issues, Dini and Burnett are doing some incredible work on this miniseries. They have taken excellent stories from canon and converted them into the style of Batman: TAS. The artwork and the plots have matched up pretty well.

My main complaint about this issue is the hostility has for Montoya. While it is true that she always had hesitation about the Dark Knight in the series, it was never to the level that it is in this comic book. I am not sure what they were going for seeing how the episode “POV” shows her respect for Batman. They should have used Captain Hackle for that. I know it is nitpicky, but so far, this is the only hiccup I detected in the series.

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