‘BRZRKR’ 4 Comic Book Review

Boom Studios brings us to issue four of BRZRKR, an action comic book series written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt with artwork by Ron Garney.

The Berserker grows frustrated with the constant laboratory work that is done on him by the US government and demands a “cure” be found for his immortality. He also remembers the final days of his mother and father in ancient times. His mother wants to stop him from fighting, though his father wants to continue to use him as a weapon. Soon, the tribe is targeted by vengeful allies of all who fell before the Berserker.

For this one, I really enjoyed the variant cover Christian Ward (seen above). I usually try to get the main cover for a comic book series, but this one caught my eye. Likewise, Garney’s artwork continues to shine. His illustrations and designs perfectly capture the power of the Berserker and reveal stunning things about his past.

As for the story, we learn about the end of the Berserker’s time in the village. It is a tragic story of how the Berserker first became immortal and how he became a living weapon. It is imaginative and one of the best comic books being published these days. I look forward to the next issue.

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4 thoughts on “‘BRZRKR’ 4 Comic Book Review

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