Top 10 Batman Villains That Need A Feature Film Debut

Gotham City bad guys Joker, Poison Ivy, Bane, Scarecrow, and even the Polka-Dot Man have had their cinematic debut in various DC Comics film adaptions. While several of his rogues may be difficult to adapt on the silver screen, Batman has fought several more villains than the revolving door of ones selected by filmmakers. From deadly assassins to sci-fi monsters, here are my Top 10 Batman Villains That Need A Feature Film Debut:

10. Clayface

Between Basil Karlo and Matt Hagen, there are plenty of origin stories for this mud-powered villain that for a brief time, worked with the Batman Family. He is a terrifying blob who seems to have no weakness and that could work in a movie.

09. Firefly

Garfield Lynns is a mercenary with a jet-pack and pyromaniac who has constantly caused trouble for Batman. While he has had animated features and video games to his name, but no showdown with the Dark Knight.

08. Dr. Death

Dr. Hellfern is a chemist who turned into a mad scientist. He is also the villain to start it all. Billed as “Batman’s first supervillain,” Batman faced him twice in the Golden Age and would appear again horribly disfigured in Zero Year.

7. Man-Bat

Kirk Langstrom decided to play God by trying to develop either a cure for deafness or an attempt to duplicate a bat’s sonar, depending on the writer. His evolution from a monstrous supervillain to a sympathetic anti-hero would make for an excellent movie plot.

06. The Demon

Gregor Dosynski was a Russian assassin who sought to create a power vacuum in that country. Batman traveled to Europe to stop him with the help of the Moscow police.

05. Nocturna

Natalia Knight is a vampire, though a unique one. She was created by science instead of magic, which means outside of sunlight, she has none of their weaknesses, but all of their strengths.

04. Simon Hurt

Dr. Hurt is one of the few enemies who know the identity of Batman and he almost succeeds in killing him and even breaking him down. At one point, he poses as Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne in order to steal the Wayne fortune.

03. Talon

The Court of the Owls has long secretly controlled Gotham City through their assassins known as the Talons. William Cobb is the most infamous and he faces off against Batman.

02. Mad Hatter

Do not let the Wonderland moniker fool you. Jervis Tetch might be obsessed with Lewis Carrol, but he has mastered mind control and has used it to pull off heists, rule gangs, and even commit murder. At one point, he murdered one of Bruce Wayne’s girlfriends prompting a severe beating from Batman.

01. Hush

Thomas Elliot is a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who grew jealous of the Wayne Family. He would become one of Batman’s most deadly villains and even tried to pose as Wayne after plastic surgery, though Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne stop him.

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