‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ S2 Issue 3 Comic Book Review

Season two of ‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ moves forward with issue 3 for DC Comics. Alan Burnett and Paul Dini are handling the writing duties with Rick Burchett returning for the artwork and he does an excellent job.

After interrogating Black Mask, Batman learns that the man who attempted to kill Commissioner Gordon, the Jazzman us loose in Gotham City. Batgirl wants to go after him, but Batman discourages her since she is too close. After doing her own investigation, she finds Jazzman at a tattoo parlor and succeeds in capturing him. However, she is confronted by the Huntress, who claims the Jazzman was there when her family was killed. With her father’s would-be assassin in tow, Batgirl is forced to dodge the vengeful vigilante on the warpath.

While I found Ty Templeton‘s artwork to be closer to Bruce Timm/Paul Dini’s Batman: TAS style, but Burchett does a great job of replicating it and especially adding the Huntress into the mix. It was cool, sleek, and had some excellent illustrations for this issue.

While I enjoyed seeing Batgirl and Huntress at odds while placing Barbara in the position of having to do defend the man who tried to kill her father. It was good and entertaining. I do think Gordon should have had a cameo appearance in the issue, but he does not appear at all. I mean, the Jazzman tried to kill him twice, even putting him in the hospital. I think an image of him thanking Batman and Batgirl for catching the killer would have been an added bonus. Aside from that, I love this series and I cannot wait to see more.

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