‘Batman: Earth One’ Volume 3 Graphic Novel Review

Comic book writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank return with the third volume of the DC Comics ‘Batman: Earth One.’ It is meant as a tough reboot of the Dark Knight.

Batman is working with Alfred and Killer Croc, who goes by Waylan, to establish a base beneath Wayne Manor. Bruce plans on widening the base of operations so it would be harder to find out his secret identity. Mayor Jessica Dent and Captain James Gordon are working with Batman to fight crime, but soon, a thought-dead Harvey Dent seemingly returns and starts giving high-grade weapons to various criminals. Batman is forced to work with thief Catwoman to get information on them, but Bruce Wayne gets a shock when it is discovered his maternal grandfather is alive and is warning Bruce about a curse put on their family by a bat.

Gary Frank is a brilliant illustrator. I will admit, I was not a huge fan of the Catwoman costume. He took too much inspiration from poorly animated films and, since this was Earth One, he should have stuck to a more traditional costume. That might sound nitpicky, but I honestly was disappointed.

As for the story, you can feel Johns‘ creativity and the process. I truly enjoyed volumes one and two, but this one felt… rushed. Particularly with three things (ironically enough). First, He inserted a lot of woke nonsense, especially towards the end. Time to move on DC Comics. SJWs aren’t buying your stuff and you’re chasing real fans away. Secondly, instead of Batman focusing on his war on crime, it feels more like he is trying to amass an army so he can parade around as Bruce Wayne. Third, he tried to introduce too many characters. With Earth One, they have no issues permanently killing off characters and that is fine. This comic tried to introduce too many characters in its short format.

With these issues combined, it made the story felt bloated, but also that its pace was way off. Its predecessors took their time and built up the anticipation. While it is still better than the swill DC Comics is serving in its main canon for Batman, this one is a disappointing entry.

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