‘Sweet Girl’ Review- Not That Sweet Of A Girl

Sweet Girl‘ is a Netflix action film directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza and co-produced by the one and only Jason Momao. It was written by Philip Eisner and Gregg Hurwitz.

Pittsburgh mom Amanda Cooper (Adria Arjona) falls ill with cancer, but her MMA fighter husband Ray (Jason Mamoa) and daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) get the news that a new treatment could help, but it gets pulled from the market by pharmaceutical company BioPrime CEO Simon Keeley (Justin Bartha). After Amanda dies, Ray swears revenge. He soon gets contacted by reporter Martin Bennett (Nelson Franklin) who says he has evidence BioPrime is bribing politicians, but he is killed by the hitman Santos (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) and stabs Ray. Six months later, Ray begins his quest for vengeance after hearing Senator Diana Morgan (Amy Brenneman) has hedged a deal between BioPrime and the CDC. Rachel tags along and after Keeley gets killed in a scuffle, FBI Agent Sarah Meeker (Lex Scott Davis) starts to track the father-daughter duo across the country to stop them.

Performance wise, I do not really have any complaints. Everyone did a competent job with their roles and Jason Mamoa was just there to do his thing of looking big, tall, and scary. There was no more effort needed The writing did require anything from the actors, so they did a decent job for the most part. Same with the action. It was kind of basic, but nothing bad or terrible.

The issue is with the story. It is something you have seen before, but it makes no effort to stand out or to be different. The cliches are all there: dead loved one, protagonist with a special set of skills, child, FBI chase, bad guy chase, there’s a REALLY bad guy, hotel fight sequence, etc. If you played a drinking game with the cliches, you would be sloshed by the climax, which might work to your favor honestly.

There was also this twist at the end that I found came a little too late in the movie and it also made some of the action sequences seem less cool. It kind of threw a monkey wrench into the whole idea of the movie and I felt gave us some inconsistencies, but I cannot say much without getting into spoiler territory.

Bottom line, Sweet Girl is a typical action movie that has competent acting and action, but it makes no effort to be unique or to grab the audience with flair.

PARENT CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Strong violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: There you are.

Check out the trailer below:

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