‘Black Hops Volume 4: Bun Is The Loneliest Number’ Graphic Novel Review

Black Hops Volume 4: Bun Is The Loneliest Number‘ also known as the Iconic Comics epic crossover ‘Black Hops X Kamen America‘ is created by artist Timothy Lim and writer Mark Pellegrini.

Apex Moth and Hare Trigger have allied with Vermillion. Armed with a mysterious artifact, the villains head into the Arizona desert in search of something powerful. Penelope and Sawyer are teamed up with superhero Carly Vanders aka Kamen America, who is more than thrilled to work with the rabbit USA GI, otter Patriot-R, turtle Rigor Tortoise, and dog Commando-G. She insists that Vermillion is not evil, but simply wants to be noticed, despite Penelope trying to reason to her. Soon, they discover that Apex Moth has something deadly planned that will spread from the desert.

Timothy Lim once again hits it out of the ballpark with the artwork. The character designs, the creature illustrations, and the backgrounds pull you into the plot. Since it was revealed they exist in the same universe, the Black Hops and Kamen America characters blend well into the story.

Pellegrini crafts a good story as well. You are hooked on watching everyone crossover and do battle against the forces of evil. Penelope and Carly worked well together even as they butt-heads over how to handle the situation. He did a good job of melding the stories where you do not feel that it is forced. I will say, I missed Kamen Ramen, but that is a minor issue.

This story is a breath of fresh air. While the big two are squandering away fans and the fandom, Lim and Pellegrini work to improve their comic books, making you want more.

In full disclosure, I did support this campaign and I love it. Here are the items from the package I received:

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