‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 6 Comic Book Review

Tom King continues his DC Comics Black Label series Batman/Catwoman which is tied to the holidays and is supposed to be the conclusion to his story arc.

In the past, we follow two arcs. Batman trying to rescue Catwoman from the Phantasm, his old girlfriend Andrea Beaumont. We also see the Joker help Selina Kyle decorate her Christmas tree while Batman is trying to stop a bomb from going off. In the future, Helena Wayne is Batwoman and plans to go out. Her aging mother also decides to go out, where we find Commissioner Dick Grayson letting them know who has a caper afoot.

This might sound repetitive, but Clay Mann is not bad. He does a good job of rendering Gotham City as well as the characters, particularly Batman and Catwoman. At first, I did not care for his rendering of the Joker, but it has grown on me.

As for the story, it continues to be a dumpster fire. The bizarre connection to Christmas hymns only becomes more annoying with each issue. The scene with the Joker and Selina decorating the Christmas tree is long, boring, and it made no sense. We get a blase story of Catwoman’s first theft and all it does is make you yawn. Tom King clearly has lost his way, if he ever had it. It is no wonder he was let go from the main Batman title early because if this was the direction, I would not have even let this out.

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  1. […] In the first story arc, Alfred prepares Christmas at Wayne Manor while Bruce Wayne begins to admit his feelings for Selina. In the second tale, Batman deals with the fallout from Joker’s battle with the Phantasm, but Clark Kent and Lois Lane arrive in Gotham City for a surprise. In the final plot, Helena Wayne argues with Selena about the legacy of Batman and Catwoman as Mrs. Kyle prepares to flee from the police, though she vows to return to Gotham. […]

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