‘Transformers: Escape’ Issue 4 Comic Book Review

IDW Publishing continues the prequel series ‘TransformersEscape‘ with issue four. It describes the days leading to the Autobots’ escape on the Ark. As I noted in previous reviews, taking place just prior to the Great War, the story highlights the tension happening between the Autobots and Decepticon, but also among the factions themselves.

Wheeljack and Nautica arrive at Darkmount where they find that the city’s administrator is prepared to only evacuate his city, leaving behind the other Autobots. Hound tries to convince Dai Atlas back into the fight, but the powerful Transformer has chosen the path of peace. Meanwhile, the Insecticons are raising a clone army to conquer all of Cybertron, even if it means sacrificing the other Decepticons.

Beth McGuire-Smith does an excellent job with the illustrations. She truly brings the Transformers to life and makes Cybertron into a cool-looking world. I especially liked how she designed Dai Atlas from Zone. That was impressive.

This penultimate issue finally had a little bit more action. The last issue had so much dialogue and nothing happens, but now we finally get to see the Autobots ready themselves for an Insecticon horde. I was also excited to see Dai Atlas’ sword which is epic. I cannot wait to see what happens in the finale.

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  1. […] Straxxus, the Lord of Darkmount watches as the Insecticons prepare to invade the city. He makes the decision to leave the other Autobots behind and take his Ark to save his citizens. Meanwhile, Dai Atlas, Hound, Road Rage, Nautica, Wheeljack, and Gears lead a small band of Autobots to fight the Insecticon hoard unaware that Straxxusis planning to leave them behind on Cybertron. […]

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