‘MRDR WPN’ 1 Comic Book Review

Writer Aaron Calimeri and artist Rafael Chrestani tag-team the sci-fi cyberpunk indie comic ‘MRDR WPN’ after a successful crowdfunding campaign. I was fortunate to grab a copy while it was still “in-demand.”

MRDR WPN is a cyborg assassin who works for “The Company,” a shadowy organization that built him and enhanced his abilities. During a mission, he takes out a group called the Motherboard Gang and prepares to hack into their mainframe to gather intel when suddenly, a jolt of electricity disables him briefly. At that moment, he realizes that he has been brainwashed and forced to commit so many atrocities for the Company. A voice over the computer called MND CNTRL has contacted him for help and he prepares to go to war in order to save her from his former controllers.

The artwork is pretty good. The black and white aesthetic works for the darker themes of the story, working with the vibe of the comic book. I also liked the character designs, especially with MRDR WPN and his suit. It was very sleek and worked well for the cyberpunk genre.

As for the story, it has a little bit of the Punisher and Bloodshot, but it stands on its own. MRDR WPN is an intriguing protagonist for such a short story. On that note, the story is incredibly fast-paced. We do not really know about MRDR WPN’s past, who or what the Company is, etc. Perhaps we will get answers in the future and I hope so because it is an excellent story with an intriguing premise.

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