Caleb Hyles: Skillet’s “American Noise” (Vocal Cover) Music Review

Caleb Hyles has made a career out of not only doing some cool original songs but some pretty cool covers as well. This time, he is covering Skillet’s epic rock ballad “American Noise.”

The original song is pretty cool. Skillet is probably one of their best songs so I was curious to see how Caleb Hyles would cover it and he did a good job. He captured the essence of the song and does a good job of paying homage to its message of cutting through the noise and being kind to your neighbor. The lyric video is also pretty cool. It matched the vibe of the song pretty well.

Check out the music video below:

“American Noise” came out as a single and later on the album ‘Rise’ in 2013. Frontman John Cooper explained that the song was about hearing God through the “noise” of every day life.

“There’s so much information and so much noise out there, so many people tell you who to be and how to act and how to fit in,” Cooper said. “I’ve got a 10-year-old daughter, and she’s already saying, ‘Daddy, do I need to lose weight? Is it okay if I wear this, or does it make me look this way?’ And she’s a really great, naïve, innocent little girl, and girls are told so much who they have to be to fit in. Guys are told how they have to act to be tough. There’s so much information out there, and ‘American Noise’ is about, number one, shutting all of that information out. Number two, it’s about hearing the voice of God amongst all these other voices, which is difficult. And number three, it’s about asking God how you can have a voice. How can I be a voice of the Lord, if you will, amongst all this other noise? Can I be the voice of truth and inspiration to other people in a dark world?”

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