‘Suicide Squad: Get Joker’ 1 Comic Book Review

Suicide Squad: Get Joker‘ is a new three-part miniseries from the DC Comics Black Label. It is written by author Brian Azzarello and artist Alex Maleev, their first partnership.

After his exploits as the Red Hood land him in Belle Reve prison, Jason Todd is approached by Amanda Waller to lead a new Task Force X team. At first, he refuses, but after hearing that the target is the man who killed him, known other than the Joker, the former Robin agrees. His team consists of Harley Quinn, Wild Dog, Plastique, Firefly, Silver Banshee, Peebles, Yonder Man, and Meow Meow. The team heads to Gotham City prepared to take on the Joker, but they soon find a trap set by the Clown Prince of Crime.

The artwork by Maleev fits the plot perfectly. It sets up for the grit and the grime that the Suicide Squad can only bring to the battle. Everything from the illustrations to the character designs brings it to its fullest potential. Hats off to him for making the visuals.

As for the story, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is a good concept from Azzarello to have Jason Todd use the shadow world of black-ops to officially get revenge on the Joker. There was this dumb scene where Wild Dog starts talking about January 6th for some ridiculous reason. I do not care to hear the Suicide Squad ramble on about modern politics. They are all scumbags and murderers, so the forced lecturing really took you out of the story. Just have them do their mission, Azzarello. Your story will be better for it.

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